Developing PHP with eclipse PDT

As a java developer, I have allways used eclipse to develop my applications. Although it is quite a "heavy" program in terms of memory and processor, it is my all time favourite. For developing php I have allways used free tools that would do syntax highlighting, but was allways missing the auto-completion that eclipse provides for java. I recently learned that it is possible to develop PHP within eclipse. This article is about my first experiences with this tool.

The installation

The eclipse project for php developers is called PDT: On this page you can find everything you need for your installation. Once you come on the downloads page, you can choose from several releases. I chose the most recent one. Now there are several installation options:

  • All-in-one: a package containing everything that is needed to get PDT running as possible. It contains eclipse and all prerequisit packages. You should just have Java 5 installed.
  • PDT runtime: for the people already having installed eclipse and the prerequisits
  • It can also be installed via the update manager of eclipse

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