PHP Class Loader
Every developer has his own tricks or logic to include his files in his page. How many times did you forget to include this or this file? It's not a big deal to do it, but depending on your project architecture, it can become very annoying to add these includes...

This class loader will just save you a lot of time: don't care anymore about including your classes, just include this file!
It will look into your directories to find and include your classes. There is some cache system behind, obviously for performance reasons. It stores its data using APC, a file or the session.

The following things are required for this library to work:
  • your class names must have the same names as your filenames. Case is not sensitive.
  • all your class files have to end with the same suffix. Default is ".class.php".
  • one class per file
  • PHP 5
So, just include the file, configure it, and enjoy!

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