Lately, when I was designing a query for a website, I was wondering about the exact difference between group by and order by in a query. The easiest explanation is that order by is doing the sorting of a table and the group by clause is used for aggregation of a field. Ok, this is for the theory, let's see an example:

The following table contains the items bought by several people last week:

cust_id item total price
1 balloon 1
2 apple 3
1 apple 4
1 pillow 25
3 plastic bag 1

Order By

Let's see the following query:

SELECT * FROM shopping ORDER BY total_price

The output will be:

cust_id item total price
1 balloon 1
3 plastic bag
2 apple 3
1 apple 4
1 pillow 25

as you can see the fiels have been ordered by the price. The default order is ascending. If you want to specify how the data is ordered, write either ASC or DESC at the end of your query.


SELECT * FROM shopping ORDER BY total_price DESC
will give the same table, but starting with the pillow.

Group By

Now we are going to use the group by statement. The group by statement, as said before, is especially useful for aggregating, meaning to apply some function. Let's see an example:

SELECT cust_id, SUM(total_price) FROM shopping GROUP BY cust_id

This query returns the total amount of money spent by each customer during all their shoppings. The table returned looks like this:

cust_id SUM(total_price)
1 30
2 3
3 1

The way you have to understand the query is that we compute the sum of all amounts for each customer. This is expressed by the GROUP BY cust_id. Now, if we would try to do this for each product. This would correspond to the total money gained per product. The query looks like this:

SELECT item, SUM(total_price) FROM shopping GROUP BY item

This query returns the following table:

item SUM(total_price)
apple 7
balloon 1
pillow 25
plastic bag 1

That's already it!

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Nice Example ( 28-06-2012 15:46:46

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Consultas con group by
joseb ( 03-02-2012 17:06:39

Como hago con Php Y Mysql para que la consulta se vea así.
manzanas | globo |
almohada | bolsa..
7 | 1 | 25 | 1

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Anonymous ( 09-03-2011 19:19:46

Group by & order by together
Hanif ( 19-02-2011 06:59:41

I tried to use group by and order by together but i do not know why after
running the query the order by does not sort data.

SELECT Customers.Company,
calls.ID, count(Customers.Company) as 'ocount'
FROM Customers INNER JOIN calls
ON Customers.ID = calls.ID
where code is not null
order by count(Customers.Company) desc
Anonymous ( 30-08-2011 10:08:26

I am having the same problem
Sander (SAdministrator) 30-08-2011 20:16:13

Could you try changing "order by count(Customers.Company) desc" to
"order by ocount desc"?
Anonymous ( 15-02-2011 07:46:52

lily ( 28-04-2011 23:51:43

Very nice.It is very Helpful
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realy very simple and good method for learning the difference between the two.
hope it will help me.
Anonymous ( 01-09-2010 12:02:36

When you group by a column, is the resultset automatically ordered by that
column as well?
Sander (SAdministrator) 01-09-2010 15:33:39

Normally it won't. If the order is important you should use (for example)
"ORDER BY `item` ASC", which guarantees the sorting. This would change
the example query to:
SELECT item, SUM(total_price) FROM shopping GROUP BY item
deviprasad ( 16-08-2010 07:40:52

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clear cut explanation..
Good article
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Diff ,Becoz i
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