Messaging component
Feature requests
Here are the current items I want to do. If you think there is a missing feature (please submit bugs to the forum, not here), please post a comment!

So this is my current list (this aren't features that will necessarily appear in the program, just features that have been requested):
  • Community Builder integration
  • Tamka integration
  • Maybe integrate with other programs like fireboard
  • UTF-8 support (to support non-ASCII symbols)
  • Update the languages and make a better language support in the future (make it easier to submit languages)
  • Integrate the backup/migration tool to the component
  • Try understanding why the mysql table isn't always correctly installed or make a clearer error message
  • Add some other ways to seperate user names (, but also ; for example)
  • Resize the name suggest box (to make it easier to select names)
  • Put the new message box in the menu (is this possible?)
  • Make the sent box look more like the inbox (for example, with dates)
  • Reply-all
  • Send to all
  • Making groups/address book
  • Themes
  • Attachments

And of course some bugs:
  • Long messages?? forum thread
  • Don't let users send messages to users who are blocked or whose accounts are not activated yet. forum thread
  • Apply inbox size fix. forum thread
  • Correct some other minor bugs (see forum)
Well, I've still got some work to do, but my most important goal is still the same as when I started, make it easy to use: no need to configure anything after installing the program.
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