Feature requests
Here are the current items I want to do. If you think there is a missing feature (please submit bugs to the forum, not here), please post a comment!

So this is my current list (this aren't features that will necessarily appear in the program, just features that have been requested):
  • Community Builder integration
  • Tamka integration
  • Maybe integrate with other programs like fireboard
  • UTF-8 support (to support non-ASCII symbols)
  • Update the languages and make a better language support in the future (make it easier to submit languages)
  • Integrate the backup/migration tool to the component
  • Try understanding why the mysql table isn't always correctly installed or make a clearer error message
  • Add some other ways to seperate user names (, but also ; for example)
  • Resize the name suggest box (to make it easier to select names)
  • Put the new message box in the menu (is this possible?)
  • Make the sent box look more like the inbox (for example, with dates)
  • Reply-all
  • Send to all
  • Making groups/address book
  • Themes
  • Attachments

And of course some bugs:
  • Long messages?? forum thread
  • Don't let users send messages to users who are blocked or whose accounts are not activated yet. forum thread
  • Apply inbox size fix. forum thread
  • Correct some other minor bugs (see forum)
Well, I've still got some work to do, but my most important goal is still the same as when I started, make it easy to use: no need to configure anything after installing the program.
Search RSS ( 19-09-2010 21:08:59

When comes the update
I really like it and want more...
Sander (SAdministrator) 19-09-2010 23:24:02

Some of these points have been integrated in the new versions (for example, it's
now translated in seven languages).

I would like to add some more features, but
I have a double problem: I don't have a lot of time to continue developing, and
I can't just add features without thinking it through, as one of the main goals
of this component is being easy to use/configure.
Notify when new message
Alex ( 07-07-2010 16:16:36

Hi, Great component, BUT

Is it possible to make the inbox change when new
messages arrive?

(bold) Inbox (2)

I really like the pms,
because mailservers are blocked by my isp. So email notification isn't really an

Thnx in advance!
Sander (SAdministrator) 08-07-2010 20:25:11

That's not possible without changing parts of the core of Joomla. You can
install the messaging module, which shows how many new messages you have.
Anonymous ( 03-06-2010 09:43:06

Thanks for information
Trash and move to junk links
Sijo Johnson ( 01-06-2010 14:29:27

Hi this component is really good and serves the purpose for my website. However
one part that was missing was the trash and move to junk folder links. If you
could add these features also, it would be great.
Thanks a lot.
trytomakeit ( 13-12-2009 07:44:25

It doesn't support farsi and I really need this complete component in farsi
thank you so much
send to all idea??
paul ferreira ( 08-09-2009 20:52:33

Hello Sir! your component rockssss! i have an idea. to prevent spamming with a
'send to all' function, why cant we have another text box in the config page
where we can specify a 'recipient' name that will then send the msg go everyone.
so if I as an example add the word 'eggnog' as my send to all name that will
help in spamming??

i hope im as clear as mud here?? regds
Sander (SAdministrator) 08-09-2009 21:38:42


Well, that would make things a little complicated. And it won't
actually prevent spam, as it would be easy to add that keyword automatically.
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