Messaging component overview
In the last update, a security problem has been patched, please update the program to the latest version.

This component is a simple and elegant personal messaging system built entirely with the new MVC framework, which makes template overrides possible. It is compatible with Joomla! 1.5 only. You can send messages to multiple users and it has a user suggestion function. It is also possible to use BBCode and smilies. The inbox size can be defined by the administrator and can have a different value for each usertype. Users can disable the service for themselves with the UserMeta plugin. At the moment, it natively supports seven languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German (translation by Mafiosy)
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian (translation by Sami T.)
  • Swedish
No configuration is required to use this component. The documentation can be found here. The download page can be found here. You'll also find a component there that makes it possible to migrate to the new version without losing all messages. If you want to see this extension in your own language and you're willing to translate it, please post a message in the forum.

Note that the bloc below is not a demo of the component (coming soon), it's for comments!
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Error: can't load user ID92
Jean ( 13-07-2012 16:34:12

I have an error message on the messaging page:

JUser::_load: Unable to load
user with id: 92
JUser::_load: Unable to load user with id: 97

I think these
are former users who have been deleted from the system. They may still have
messages on the system though. Is there a way of clearing this error
Thanks for your help.
Sander (SAdministrator) 13-07-2012 17:55:37


This is probably that you have a message in your inbox from one of those
users. As a short-term solution, you can solve the problem by removing the
messages of those users (this can be done very easily using MySQL if you know
how to use it).

The problem is in line 135 of views/messages/tmpl/default.php
("$tempuser =& JUser::getInstance($row->idFrom);". But I don't have the
time to coorect the bug right now.
Jean ( 16-07-2012 17:16:53

I have deleted the messages in the messaging module but can't delete the sent

Do you mean delete the messages via phpmyadmin in the messaging table?

Thanks for your help.
Sander (SAdministrator) 22-07-2012 14:51:50


The messages in the sent items will disappear when the receiver deletes
them. In this case, the only way would be to use a mysql administration tool
such as phpmyadmin. Try something like "DELETE FROM #__messaging WHERE
idFrom = 92" (replace #__messaging with the appropriate table name).

for the slightly roundabout solution, but I haven't found any better solution
(Joomla doesn't seem to have a way for a program to check if a user exists).
saas ( 23-01-2012 02:22:24

15 ( 13-01-2012 09:55:08

Help in sh404SEF
Ariful Islam ( 30-05-2011 13:35:37

After installing sh404SEF & activate the url optimization, messaging don't work.
When I send any message it said 404-Component not found. How to solve this.
Sorry for my bad english.
Sander (SAdministrator) 30-05-2011 15:18:02

Have you updated the URLs? sh404SEF changes the way URLs are interpreted. This
should be indicated in the documentation of sh404SEF.
mene ( 20-05-2011 18:58:46

can not read anything on your page with your banner adds
Sander (SAdministrator) 30-05-2011 15:18:17

Which screen size do you have?
Screen Shot & Demo On Site
CLiff ( 03-02-2011 00:29:58

Can you put some Screen shots up on here and on the Joomla Extension site? I
think it would spark more interest.

Beny ( 02-02-2011 15:22:19

It work really good ?
Italian translation
Francesco ( 12-01-2011 12:13:23

Hello. I'm Italian and I'd like to use this extension in my language. I'm not a
programmer, but I can help you translate from English.
Sander (SAdministrator) 14-01-2011 16:30:02


It would be quite nice. If you want to translate it, please download the
file, unzip it and translate the two en-GB.com_messaging.ini files (one is in
the root folder, the other in the administration folder). When you've finished,
please post it in the translation
forum: showcat&catid=14
Does it work with Jomsocial messaging?
J A MIjares ( 23-04-2010 04:11:38

I have Jomsocial installed in an inside page in my site.

Can I use your module
to place it on the home page of my site and will it connect with Jomsocial
Sander (SAdministrator) 23-04-2010 08:02:35

Well, the component should work, but it won't "connect" with any other
component: it's self-contained.
trytomakeit ( 13-12-2009 07:43:00

this component is really great. but I need to send messages in persian(farsi).
could you please send me the language file for typing farsi. cause right now
it's like ???? ??? ? ??? and doesn't show the words.
I really appreciate it in
thanks again
Sander (SAdministrator) 13-12-2009 10:38:36

Could you try to change the character set of the jos_messaging table to UTF8?
That should do the trick.
Carlos ( 03-02-2011 07:28:18

Gewoon even uitproberen
rien ( 25-11-2009 14:19:04

Ben benieuwd
rien ( 25-11-2009 14:19:47

Lijkt me precies wat ik zocht
jomcommunity intgration?
Antonio ( 20-06-2009 03:39:57

does this commponet have integration with jomsocial?
Sander (SAdministrator) 08-09-2009 21:33:18

No, at the moment this component isn't integrated with any other component.
wink wink nudge nudge
yvan ( 13-04-2009 09:31:43

I have a page with a list of users...

Is there a way to make a shortcut so
that a user only has to click on a given name to automatically send a generic
message? (kind of a 'nudge' thing)
answer to me
yvan ( 18-04-2009 10:04:58

In ...components/com_messaging/views/message/tmpl/def ault.php

I simply added:

$subject = $_GET['sub'];
$message = $_GET['msg'];

in the beginning... So I can pre-fill the fields with to, sub and msg as
parameters... Is that wrong?
Sander (SAdministrator) 18-04-2009 20:54:15


It's the right way to do it. But I removed that part temporarily as I
didn't have enough time to connect any real functions to that code.
doesn't work for me
yvan ( 05-04-2009 05:58:24

Hi! I installed it on my Joomla 1.5... but it doesn't seem to work. The messages
are not sent and the modifications of the "messaging properties" in the
admin/components section are not saved.

Any clues?
Sander (SAdministrator) 10-04-2009 16:46:13

Not at the moment. But can you look at link: p;func=view&id=120&a
mp;catid=9#187 forum thread. If you can't get that to work, can
you please submit a bug report in the forum.
yvan ( 12-04-2009 19:16:44

yeah it worked, thanks.

I didnt have the "messaging" tables and I
executed the sqlcode you put on the forum...

I can't really tell you more,
sorry ^^;;
founder ( 20-02-2009 22:54:39

what are you plans for integration with the
currently-in-alpha-but-coming-soon-in-beta "tamka"? -- a
blogging/commenting extension for J1.5
Sander (SAdministrator) 10-04-2009 16:29:25

I think I'll add it to my to-do list with CB integration. I'll start working on
these features as soon as as I have enough time to really finish everything.
i like the PMS
Ramiro ( 21-11-2008 17:26:40

thank you for doing this. it's simple and to the point.
ask for attachment
Sophie ( 16-11-2008 11:18:06

I wish this component could have such like attachment files.. would u consider
Sander (SAdministrator) 21-02-2009 09:32:38

Maybe sometime in the future, but don't expect anything soon.
Ricosta ( 18-08-2008 20:17:28


if i try to sent a message i get this Message:

Fatal error: Call to
undefined method: tablemessage->geterrormsg() in
/homepages/11/d23848845/htdocs/components/com_mess aging/models/message.php on
line 122

what is wrong?
Sander (SAdministrator) 19-08-2008 12:52:03


This is a little bug in the current version  

To correct it
you will have to wait the next version or correct the code.

I made
an entry in the bug report forum link: reboard&itemid=328&func=
view&catid=9&id=120, where I will try to correct the error.

Rublex ( 18-08-2008 13:09:26


is it possible to show only the registered User as receiver? I always get
the registered User and the Contacts.

The Box, where the receivers are listed
in, always shows only 2 receivers. Caused by that i have to click many times if
i have a lot of users. Is it possible to change the height of the Box?

Ruble ( 19-08-2008 09:22:54

The Second problem with the Selectionbox is solved. Any suggestions for the
first one?
Sander (SAdministrator) 19-08-2008 12:41:25

What do you mean with contacts? Could you give an example?

Sander Kromwijk
Rublex ( 19-08-2008 13:24:59

I have registered Users and i have Contacts

For Example:
A Contacts Name is: Mike
The username is: mike

I get both names listed.
Rublex ( 19-08-2008 13:54:59


now i've seen your "Settings for Administrator" which is the
solution for me.

Thx for the Support!
Username instead of Name
Jenna ( 30-07-2008 17:18:24


How can I get this system to use the username for sending/receiving
messages rather than the "name"? There are so many people with the same
name no one knows who to pick! Thanks so much!
Sander (SAdministrator) 30-07-2008 23:15:56


This will be added to the configuration screen in the next version.
Until then, you can follow the instructions in the link: m_content&view=article&i
d=81&Itemid=308#seta (at the end of the "Settings for
the Administrator" chapter).

Sander Kromwijk
More smart
Leo Lee ( 21-07-2008 17:14:22

I think it is a very nice component.But I hope to send a message to several
people .
Sander (SAdministrator) 25-07-2008 10:36:14

To send your message to several people, simply seperate the different users with
a comma, like this:
user1, user2, user3, user4, etc...

Sander Kromwijk
Messaging Module problem
Jas ( 18-07-2008 06:09:24

This is an excellent module/components. Very easy to use and does what most of
people need. I got a problem with the module. It doesn't dispaly the number of
messages I have. When I click on go to the inbox or send a message. It opens in
full screen. All side menus gone and can't get back to home screen. Have to use
the back button on explorer.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Sander (SAdministrator) 30-07-2008 23:17:26


Which template are you using for Joomla? Are both the component and the
module up to date?

Sander Kromwijk
ojup ( 11-07-2008 03:30:03

I got below errors in the inbox. is it something wrong in the setp?

Undefined property: MessagesModelMessages::$baseurl in C:\Program
Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\components
\com_messaging\models\messages.php on line 234

ojup ( 11-07-2008 03:44:30

btw I am using J!1.5.3 on a Windows box
Sander (SAdministrator) 11-07-2008 10:34:52

No, it's quite normal. This piece of code has been added to ensure the component
is compatible with different php and joomla versions. It only appears if you
have error reporting set to Notice. You can delete the $baseurl in the file or
edit the php.ini file of your server and change the error_reporting to

Sander Kromwijk
It would be better to catagorise
Better this ( 05-07-2008 17:26:57

It would be if you catagorise your messeging system.
Sander (SAdministrator) 05-07-2008 17:47:13

What do you mean?
Willy ( 04-07-2008 14:08:22

why create a component that have less functions than the others? ...

There is
no sense i think...
People will continue to use uddeIM ...
Sander (SAdministrator) 04-07-2008 14:51:40

I made it for poeple who don't want 5 pages of configuration. It's just to be
simpler. And at the moment the program is nearing 1000 downloads a month, so
some poeple are interested in it.

Sander Kromwijk
Community Builder
Jason ( 03-07-2008 02:29:09

Does this pms have community builder integration
RE: Community Builder
Sander (SAdministrator) 03-07-2008 15:45:23

No, at the moment it isn't possible to use community builder in combination with
this PMS.

Sander Kromwijk
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