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There is a security issue in version 1.5.0 of this program. This version has a bug that makes it possible to include any file on your webserver in the page. Please update to version 1.5.1. If you have downloaded the program after 11 May 2009, you should have version 1.5.1 installed.

This is the download page. Here are the files of the current version:

Download Instructions
Download the zip file. Do not unpack it. Log in in the administration section of your joomla page. Now go to "Extensions->Install". Upload the file and install it. Install the module after installing the component. See the documentation for more information.

Note that the bloc below is not a demo of the component (coming soon), it's for comments!
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Gedara enna
Ruwanthi Mangala ( 15-05-2013 12:42:00

Good doing
Anonymous ( 29-04-2013 03:21:15

Joomla 2.5
H ( 23-01-2013 20:34:24

Is this comp available for Joomla 2.5?
Sander (SAdministrator) 07-04-2013 23:02:00

No, sorry. The 1.5 to 2.5 change in the API is too big to be trivially ported.
If you're interested in making the changes, the source can be found here:
Anonymous ( 13-12-2012 00:50:19

File Attachment Section
Collins Nwude ( 02-06-2012 09:26:34

This Component is beautiful. i love it. I want to know if it has a file
attachment sections, to enable users attach files when sending a private
DILLONIla21 ( 20-12-2011 23:34:09

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business a lot. However, I need the bank loan once again.
????????? ( 11-12-2011 10:29:24

abc ( 23-11-2011 07:35:06

rteet ( 07-07-2011 22:42:07

David ( 09-09-2010 19:45:43

Nothing fancy but does what it says, installs easy, works good.
QQQ2 ( 04-07-2010 06:07:47

enzo ( 24-05-2010 23:24:35

i can't delete sent messages...anyone of you got a solution?
Sander (SAdministrator) 25-05-2010 00:07:02

The sent messages folder only exists as a small convenience. The messages will
disappear as soon as the recipient deletes it. As it doesn't take any extra
space to save, these messages don't count in your message quota, so it's not too
important to delete them.
enzo ( 26-05-2010 01:01:25

ja but maybe it's important to read them cause when you recieve an answer mail,
the original message you sent is not quoted..don't you think?
ASHISH ( 13-05-2010 14:23:56

this is good
Language pack?
Sami ( 15-04-2010 18:21:32

Need a translate?
Sander (SAdministrator) 15-04-2010 20:35:56

It's always good to have an extra translation. If you've made one, you can post
it on the forum.
Sami ( 26-04-2010 17:06:39

I'm done.
But when I've tried, just some words were Norwegian.
I have
translated the whole language file.
Sami ( 26-04-2010 18:44:20

Forget it, I found it out xP
I didn't know about that I needed to du changes to
the xml-file.
Joseph jones ( 18-03-2010 19:21:50

cool thanks
Group messages
Whizzy ( 02-03-2010 23:14:52


Great component, but what about sending messages to groups of people ?
now i have to select each and every one of them
Anonymous ( 25-01-2010 18:52:22

thank you paylas?m icin garda?
orangbener ( 14-01-2010 04:59:55

Thanks ... it's great !
Spanish translation
Julio ( 25-11-2009 18:39:22


Thanks a lot for this component! That's just what I was looking for.

worked out a Spanish translation, please let me know if you'd like to publish it
and, if so, how can I send it to you.


Sander (SAdministrator) 25-11-2009 19:54:09


For the translation, you can post it in the forums (the "Messaging
translation" forum)
Anonymous ( 26-06-2009 13:42:25

German Translation #2
Jazz ( 18-06-2009 11:53:57

Hey Sander, just finished the translation. pls send me an email so i have your
adress to send it to you.
Sander (SAdministrator) 24-06-2009 11:09:29

I'm making a special form for uploading translations at the moment. I'll post
the link here in two days max.
Sander (SAdministrator) 24-06-2009 22:06:21

Already thanks for translating! Could you submit it to link:
German Translation
Jazz ( 17-06-2009 10:09:27

Hi dude!

Great Comp i'll do the german translation by time to give
sth back to you

shouts, jazz.
elf ( 16-05-2009 13:17:32

Comments deleted
Sander (SAdministrator) 13-04-2009 20:40:34

Due to a human mistake (read stupid mistake), all comments were deleted. We're
very sorry it happened.
Only registered users can write comments!

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