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This component allows you to create automatically a menu based on the sections-category-content items hierarchy. This is very useful if you create a lot of content and don't want to update the menu by hand!

You'll find some documentation here!

Click here to download the component!

We now have a version that allows you to define several "automatic" menus. This version has not been extensively tested yet. Feel free to download it if you want to test it (as a very beta version Wink ). Please, let us know what you think of it and / or if you have any problems! You can download it here.

Latest fixes:

- now works with PHP 4

- now accepts apostrophes in content item title (03.05.2008)

here is an old version of the component (but if the new version doesn't work, don't hesitate to write us so we can fix it...)

Please report your bugs here (no registration required)

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casque dr dre
casque dr dre ( 24-12-2011 04:11:36

I don’t say much about articles often, but your article was begging me to
say something. Your information is intelligent. Thank link:, link: m/, link:
Dale ( 18-10-2011 00:01:07

Like your writing! Still you can do some things to improve it. =-=
Jeremiah ( 26-05-2010 17:14:44

This component was a godsend! Thank you!
a little bug, or joomla's problem
puattmas ( 05-10-2009 16:08:15

i just want to told you, that in the function: insertTemplate, i had to
strtolower the name of the template as you can see in the next code:
insertTemplate($template, $menuid){
if($template !=

$sql = "insert into #__templates_menu
values('".strtolower(mysql_real_escape_string( $template))."',
'$menuid', '0')";


if(($this->_db->query()) ==
automatic_menusModelautomatic_menu:top( "Error inputting the
template item";

if you don't do that, you'll have troubles
with ja_purity template.

thanks for the module!!
Kati (Administrator) 07-10-2009 21:39:56

Thanks for the tip!
Does not seem to work
p18x ( 24-07-2008 15:43:56

HI, I installed your component on a clean installation of joomla , actually not
quite clean , i had joomfish installed first,
anyways , I clicked update, it
told me that the menu was updated , but there are no items in the menu in the
so... any quick ideas? so don't have to go into the code because I'm
a little short on time.
thank you..
nice useful component
Re: Does not seem to work
Kati (Administrator) 28-07-2008 08:55:30

Hello, Sorry for the late answer... The only idea I have in mind is that maybe
your content articles aren't in the section and category... For more help, could
you please provide me with more info about your install? (and maybe the number
of sections / categories / items)
Thanks for the feedback
Kati (Administrator) 07-08-2008 17:34:50

Maybe this version works for you:

Let me know whether this solves your
Art ( 01-07-2008 18:57:24

Is there a version compatible with Joomla 1.0?
Kati (Administrator) 01-07-2008 20:13:16


No, we didn't make it for joomla 1.0 However, you might want to try it
anyways since the non beta version might run... Else I'm sorry...
compatibilité SEF ???
Marc ( 23-06-2008 22:37:54

En utilisant un lien direct vers une page de test => error 404 !!!
vérifié : alias section, catégorie ou article =>ok.
liens de menu : les
alias semblent ne pas etre repris mais recréés avec des espaces au lieu de
tirets par exemple.
Hors à la création de section, catégorie ou article
joomla fait bien les changements
(ps: j'ai tous les parametres SEO sur oui sur
le site de test et pas de composants tiers pour SEF)
AM2 with affected menu choice
Marc ( 23-06-2008 11:07:02

sorry for my bad english, i'm french.
thanks for your component: very
good one.
one thing is missing for me: if i want my menu to appear in all page
it's ok, but in just one or few one i have to select them in menu module (same
thing for each menu item). I'd like to select (with your component) few menu
where it will appear and that all my menu and sub-menu item will be
what do u think about it
Marc ( 23-06-2008 13:54:40

In fact it's a bug, cause when i update my menus with AM2, menus and sub menus
item are de-seclected (exept other selected item)in the module so when i
click a menu item the menu disapear
Kati (Administrator) 23-06-2008 15:51:16


no problem for your english... In fact we also speak french (feel free
to write in french) This is not really a bug, but the way joomla works. When a
new menu item is created (which is done when updating) the itemid of the menu
changes and this affects the module settings. We are aware of this and trying to
find a way to solve this before brining this component officially out (its beta
now..) We try to do this as soon as possible...
Marc ( 23-06-2008 17:22:15

In fact we also speak french ok, alors vivement la traduction
c'est vraiment un excellent composant promis à un bel avenir, et
je n'ai constaté aucun bug sur mon site de test.
Donc je vais suivre
son l'évolution.
re: Bug
Kati (Administrator) 23-06-2008 19:19:23


Alors je disai juste que pour le moment c'est un problème
qu'on est en train d'essayer de résoudre. Car Joomla a un système
d'identifiants par rapport aux menus (itemid). C'est un peu compliqué, mai à
chaque fois que le menu est "updaté", chez itemid changent et donc les
références sont perdues. On est en train d'essayer de trouver une solution,
mais on ne l'a pas encore tout à fait...

a suivre...
o ( 29-10-2009 13:08:06

I don't speak french.
Re: automatic menu 2
Kati (Administrator) 14-06-2008 09:19:46


I think that this is almost possible with the current component in beta
version. However, we'd have to comment out the section which inserts articles.
However, I'm not sure I understood exactly what you want. Maybe you can give me
1-2 examples in the form of
- section 1
- - category 1
- - category 2
I'm sure I understand...
then I might be able to help you with this...
re : Automatic menu 2
John ( 15-06-2008 01:12:49

Hello Kati,
I am already part way through re-working your existing code. I will
forward a copy when I am done and you can decide to keep and publish or

Kati (Administrator) 15-06-2008 17:37:00


I have been looking at it too, but it's not exactly behaving the way I
want, I'd be very happy to see your solution!
automatic menu 2
John ( 13-06-2008 21:56:25

This component almost matches one that I was about to start developing.
The major difference is that my specification calls for the ability to use the
section title as the top level menu item with the categories as the only
sub-items, or a custom defined top level with the sections and categories as
sub-items. I need this functionality like yesterday, however I do not want to
put in hours creating something that you may already have. I am happy to debug
and send you a copy.
Please let me know.
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